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When you join a survey company, you expect to receive survey invitations, fill out the survey and be rewarded. However, some of the companies offer sweepstakes entries instead of actual cash. SurveySpot is one of those companies. It is totally legitimate but, from time to time you want to earn some cold hard cash just to know that you are not being used. When you join surveyspot, you can expect to receive daily (if not more) survey invitations. Usually, you will need to answer few pages of question just to get a message that you did nit qualify for the survey (excuse me, what did I do until now?). In other cases, you will finish the survey and be told that you were entered to a sweepstake. During over a year I answered hundreds of surveys and been entered to hundreds of sweepstakes. My total earned income from surveyspot is…; you guessed right, zero dollars ($0).
Bottom line:
Frequency of surveys: Daily (usually more)
Average pay for survey: $0
Remarks: Only if you have a lot of free time and you are really naive.
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Survey Savvy
Every time you complete one of the surveys, You will be paid cash for your opinions! The first part of the survey traditionally contains several screening questions. If you pass the screening process, as determined by the client, you will then continue on with the survey and be paid.
Bottom line:
Frequency of surveys: once in a couple of weeks Average pay for survey: 5-10 dollars. Remarks: Nice referral program, gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash even without filling surveys
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survey sawy
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