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Google Adsense Tips

It is hard to believe but you can earn some extra dollar from home. Of course, a search for "extra income from home" or "earn extra income from home" on google will bring you millions of result pages full of false promises.

As suspected, most (read none) of these sites will not make you rich. The only one who will make money out of it is the self proclaimed marketing guru who found the goose who lays golden eggs and willing to share his secret with you if you will just send him 30 dollars.

However, there are ways to earn a few extra dollars from home. This page is a guide to the easiest way, Google Adsense. You will not make big bucks using it, so probably it will not pay the rent for you, but dollar to dollar it can pay some bills. If you are looking for a real income it is usually not the way but, if you are home anyway, have a lot of extra time or just love it very much why not make some money out of it.

If you already have a site and traffic, Google adsense is the easiest way. All you have to do is be approved by google and add some code to your site. Google AdWords ads will be shown on your site automatically delivering targeted text and image ads, on a page-by-page basis, to your site's content. When your readers will click one of those ads, google will pay you. This way you can avoid the hassle of finding and billing of advertisers. Like everything in life, it is not that simple, first of all you site should be approved by google. This is not an automatic procedure and some people do get rejected. Another problem is the design of your site. Unless you have very heavy traffic site, the design of google adsense is very strict. So your site should be designed with consideration of the adsesnse design and not the other way around. In addition google can always kick you out of the program if they suspect a faul play or any other reason. One more way to use adsense is Google AdSense for search which is adding a google search box to you site. since your users can search from right on your site. And since AdSense serves targeted ads on search results pages, you can make more money from your Google search box as well.

since google adsense is the simplest way of earning extra income from home, your site will not be alone, many people already discovered the revenue power in it and created many sites for the sole reason of using google adsense. However there are some tips and tricks to make your site a little more noticeable and therefore lucrative.

The most important thing you will need in order to build a profitable site is quality content. Quality content means something your readers will find interesting and will make them want to comeback to, link to , or even tell their friend about. Therefore "something for everyone" sites usually will not work. A topic site will be the best approach. Find your niche and go with it. Narrow topic will generate targeted traffic, therefore, all thou probably less people will come to your specific topic site most of them will be interested in its topic and and will probably click more. The two best examples for such topic sites are gizmodo and pvrblog . As you can see, what make these two sites unique is the focus on a specific field and the passionate writing about it.

In order to provide the best content for your site you will need to write enthusiastically on a subject you are passionate about. Building a site just for being a place you can put the ads on or choosing a subject according to the last hot keywords on google will make a boring site with no traffic and of course, no revenues. So, even thou "ants feeding device" may be the hottest keyword on the net, if you don't have something contributing to say about it then don't.

Adsense do's:

Without traffic, even the best site will provide no profit, so get your site optimized, get links and do all the promotion you can.

Make your adsense visible on the viewable part of the page. Scrolling will reduce the clicks so design the site accordingly.

If you see to much PSA use alternative ad networks - google understand it and even help you to do so.

Check your site and charset for non english character. Non english character can make your ads appear in different language; if google use this language or prevent your site from being approved in case google don't support this language.

Adsense don'ts:

Don't click your own ads. It is illegal, against the adsense policy . Google is smart enough to notice any fraud.

Don't do anything conflicting the terms and conditions . Disclosing your earnings can be enough for google to disqualify you. So don't give them any reason to do so.

Don't ask your readers to click the adds or try to encourage anyone to click in any other way.

Don't change the code more then changing color or alternate ads. Use the Adsense approved formats only

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