Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to earn extra income from home. It is also a very hot trend lately. An affiliate is a site with a link to an online retailer. If the reader from the affiliate site purchases something at the destination site; the affiliate site will receive commission for referring a customer. The fee could be in a form of percentage of the purchase, a fixed fee or free service.

Earning money by being an affiliate may be simple but it is defiantly not easy. Like everything in life and business, it has its pros and cons.

First of all, it is the easiest way to get into the web business, signing up is easy and free (ThinkAction Network, clixGalore ) and the start up cost is extremely low. A site and a hosting service are usually enough, all thou you can become and affiliate even without it.

Another point in favor of affiliate marketing is the fact that as an affiliate all you need to worry about is the marketing. Let someone else do the billing and the shipping while you concentrate on bringing the buyers.

However, a good program will attract a lot of other site owners so you will not be alone trying to make good money. So even thou the company may offer a great fee for a lead or a sale it would be very hard to provide the traffic. Choosing an affiliate program by the size of the fee is the typical webmaster mistake. You should think how much customers you can provide and how much you will be paid for that, not how much they pay per sale.

Another setback to affiliate marketing is the total dependence on the affiliate company. The rules of the affiliate program can be change anytime. Not to mention the fact that they are holding your money and they will pay you at their convenience. A small change to the company financial state, and all your hard built site and investment are down the drain.

In order to convert your traffic to revenue you should choose a program that will be appropriate to your readers. A successful gamer's site probably will not generate a real profit from an insurance affiliate programs.

So all you have to do to start is Join one of the affiliates networks like:

goZing Network - Make Money! A growing affiliates network with over 6,000 affiliates.

Gozing network is now ThinkAction Network
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Commission Junction

clixGalore - Affiliates network




Choose your program (remember not to fall to the "highest fee" honey trap)

Avoid The usual newbie mistake of joining every programs who will take you, thinking that by shooting in every direction something will fall. It may sound Logical and rational but, you will learn that without concentrating on a specific program, or at least field, targeting a specific market would be very hard. Optimizing your site to aim specific keyword will not be easy; nevertheless targeting a list of keywords must be harder if not impossible.

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