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Linking Strategy

Search engines give a substantial weight to incoming links to your site. So, if you want a good place in google's result page; designing your site to be more "searchable" or search engine friendly is a must, but it is not enough.
There are more parameters beside optimization to get the traffic you need. Marketing and promotion of your site is very important but, You need to get inbound links. This article will show you howto get them.

There are a few ways to get links, but remember, FFA (free for all) links farms are not one of them.     Ignore this possibility like the search engines ignores them.
The best links you want to get are non reciprocal links. That means that other sites links to your site without a link in return on your site.     One way of getting such links is paying for them. A link from a respected (high PR) site has a major influence on your PR so sometimes it is worth the extra dollar.
The best way of getting non reciprocal links, high PR and traffic is having great content on your site.       Good content on your site will attract links to it.    This is the reason search engines give extraconsideration to incoming links.
Another way to get links is writing articles.     You can write articles in your field of expertise and offer them to other sites.     They will get free content in return for links to your site.    
Offering a free service or a prize is another way to get links, you can promise a free service or a prize to other sites users. This way the other site can promise his users the service or the raffle in return for a link.
A good way to get links is submit your site to directories. There are a lot of directories which offers free submission.   All thou they are not Dmoz, and google probably don't relay on them for his spider dance;  they can supply you with incoming links.
You can find very good directories here . Some of them have very high PR and that could really help when you are listed in. A simple query in goole, looking for "Add url", "free submitting" and "submit url" will give more results
The hardest way of getting links, all thou sometimes it is the only way, is reciprocal links.     One way for trading links is thru link exchange forums.     Many webmaster are probably in the same situation as you, you can find them there and help each other.
Another way for trading links can be adding the link to the site you are interested trading with and then send a polite mail to the webmaster of the site with a link to the page on your site that links to his.     In the mail you should tell him that you are interested in trading links with him and you already added his link to your site.     If you don't get a response after some time check his sites for links to yours and if you can't find any; you can always delete your link to his site.

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