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Building and designing your site to be search engine friendly is only one level of search engine optimization. The next level is making the search engines index it. The general opinion of the Seo professionals is that it is better to be found by the search engines than to submit your site.      
Even if it is true, not everybody have the time and the ability to build a net of links that will bring the spiders to your site.         Therefore, there is always a place for some submitting.
Before you start submitting, be careful of all those promises for free submitting to thousands of search engines and directories.       There are no thousands of search engines, actually there only a few of importance.     If you already did use one of those tools, in the best case no good will come out of it and in the less appealing scenario you are doomed for eternity to be spamed.         Another action to avoid is submitting for a "free for all" links farms.     Search engines usually ignore pages that are made only of links.     This is of course part of the linking strategy but, while submitting you will meet some of those for sure, so remember to avoid them.
The first place to submit is dmoz - the open directory project.       Google gives a more weight to sites that are listed on dmoz.         There is a long waiting period until your site will be reviewed but be careful not to submit it hastily.
Be sure that your site has no broken links or missing graphics, Check and recheck spelling and don't submit a site that is "under-constraction".
Dmoz gives great consideration to the content; your site must contain noteworthy content.     Sites that are made mostly from links will not pass the dmoz editors without good content.       Most important, write an honest description; this is not the place for promotion text.   Make the editor's work easy.       The less editing he will need to do, the higher are the chances for approval.  
Another important place to submit is Yahoo! There are few possibilities:   one of them is to submit your site for the visit of the search engine spiders. It is free but takes a lot of time (7-8 weeks) and nothing is guaranteed. The second is to be listed on yahoo directory. Submitting to yahoo directory will cost you 299$ and again, no guarantee, but you will get result shortly and actually most of the sites do get in.       the other possibilities are pay for performance by keyword and as a sponsor.
LookSmart is another important directory it offers a free submission to a non commercial site thru Zeal, and a cost per click for commercial sites. The major advantage of the CPC method is that, as a LookListings advertiser, you will be charged only after a potential customer clicks on your listings in search results and visits your web site.

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