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Survey savvy is a large survey company; they have over three million members. According to their web site, survey savvy paid to their members more than any other Surveys company.
Unlike other companies their survey invitations are sporadic. Most of the other survey companies send you countless survey invitations; hoping that you will fit to the demographics of at least one of them. In many cases, you find yourself answering numerous daily screeners and even long surveys without any reward. In SurveySavvy case, you can expect to receive invitation once in every couple of weeks not more. However, when you get an invitation, usually the reward is promised. SurveySawy when you finish a survey the cash reward is bigger than what other survey companies pay for you opinion (usually 10 dollars).

Another nice benefit is SurveySavvy patented referral payment system. Survey savvy give you an additional way to make extra cash by refereeing your friends. On every survey that your referrals finish, survey savvy will pay you 2 dollar. On every survey that your friends' referrals complete you get paid a dollar. This way you can earn extra cash without even filling a survey. Even if you are eligible to participate in a specific maybe your friend or even their friends can bring you some extra cash.

Bottom line:
Frequency of surveys: once in a couple of weeks
Average pay for survey: 5-10 dollars.
Remarks: Great referral program, gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash even without filling surveys
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