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April, May 2004

Extra Dollar A Blog of Beauty (booty?) - A list of the funniest things that happened on the way here. in addition, a well chosen list of Jobs search sites , surveys companies sites and a search engines and directories page.

Extra Dollar A Blog of Beauty (booty?) - A list of the funniest things that happened on the way here. in addition, a well chosen list of Jobs search sites , surveys companies sites and a search engines and directories page.

Mobile Search
Yahoo has introduced a new mobile search . The new service will allow users to perform a query on the yahoo search engine using text messages (SMS). The new service is planned to compete with the existing Google Mobile and it is currently limited to the United States. As the number of mobile searches arises, are we expected to return to shorter queries?
A secret from Google
Google is releasing the google toolbar for Firefox. If someone will ask you how do you know that, you can tell them that you have a secret source inside google. This secret source only told you and the rest of the internet users but he asked you not to tell anyone. . All is fair probably in war and PR. Information leaks are the new press release.
A secret from Yahoo
While google whispered loudly about their firefox toolbar, yahoo launched an additional feature on their Hotjobs site extremely quietly. The jobs search result pages now show “Jobs result from the web . The quite launch was probably in order to prevent cannibalization or premium-jobs-publishers anger. According to yahoo, sponsor companies still get better placements in return for the premium they pay.
PR stunt or resources problem
After google canceled the download option of google earth, some of the important voices in the Search engine community . suggested that that google earth, just like google web accelerator and google X, are either a PR stunt or resources problem. I must admit, None of these possibilities makes google look good, however, I do hope that the resources hypothesis is true in these cases. I will always be in favor of a company that keeps on trying and sometimes slip even when the firm is the strongest in the field. Microsoft, for example, shares the same problems. They announce their future products. They pump up the media with small bits of information and yet, many years pass until a new product is released. Of course, until their OS really reach the market it is far from the expectations. The long wait is not preventing bugs and security holes. Google, on the other hand, announce their product when they are almost in the market. In addition, they are not afraid to pull them back when they are not performing well. If Microsoft would have pulled back their problematic products we probably would have still using DOS.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a simple way to earn extra income from home. It is also a very hot trend lately. An affiliate is a site with a link to an online retailer. If the reader from the affiliate site purchases something at the destination site; the affiliate site will receive commission for referring a customer. The fee could be in a form of percentage of the purchase, a fixed fee or free service.

Earning money by being an affiliate may be simple but it is defiantly not easy. Like everything in life and business, it has its pros and cons.

First of all, it is the easiest way to get into the web business, the start up cost is extremely low. A site and a hosting service are usually enough, all thou you can become and affiliate even without it.

Another point in favor of affiliate marketing is the fact that as an affiliate all you need to worry about is the marketing. Let someone else to the billing and the shipping while you concentrate on bringing the buyers.

However, a good program will attract a lot of other site owners so you will not be alone trying to make good money. So even thou the company may offer a great fee for a lead or a sale it would be very hard to provide the traffic. Choosing an affiliate program by the size of the fee is the typical webmaster mistake. You should think how much customers you can provide and how much you will be paid for that, not how much they pay per sale.

Another setback to affiliate marketing is the total dependence on the affiliate company. The rules of the affiliate program can be change anytime. Not to mention the fact that they are holding your money and they will pay you at their convenience. A small change to the company financial state, and all your hard built site and investment are down the drain.

In order to convert your traffic to revenue you should choose a program that will be appropriate to your readers. A successful gamer's site probably will not generate a real profit from an insurance affiliate programs.

So all you have to do to start is Join one of the affiliates networks like:

goZing Network - Make Money! A growing affiliates network with over 6,000 affiliates.

Commission Junction

clixGalore - Affiliates network




Choose your program (remember not to fall to the "highest fee" honey trap)

Avoid The usual newbie mistake of joining every programs who will take you, thinking that by shooting in every direction something will fall. It may sound Logical and rational but, you will learn that without concentrating on a specific program, or at least field, targeting a specific market would be very hard. Optimizing your site to aim specific keyword will not be easy; nevertheless targeting a list of keywords must be harder if not impossible.

This article may be reprinted providing a credit and a link are given.

A secret from Google

Search engines give a substantial weight to incoming links to your site. So, if you want a good place in google's result page; designing your site to be more "searchable" or search engine friendly is a must, but it is not enough.
There are more parameters beside optimization to get the traffic you need. Marketing and promotion of your site is very important but, You need to get inbound links. This article will show you howto get them.

There are a few ways to get links, but remember, FFA (free for all) links farms are not one of them.     Ignore this possibility like the search engines ignores them.
The best links you want to get are non reciprocal links. That means that other sites links to your site without a link in return on your site.     One way of getting such links is paying for them. A link from a respected (high PR) site has a major influence on your PR so sometimes it is worth the extra dollar.
The best way of getting non reciprocal links, high PR and traffic is having great content on your site.       Good content on your site will attract links to it.    This is the reason search engines give extraconsideration to incoming links.
Another way to get links is writing articles.     You can write articles in your field of expertise and offer them to other sites.     They will get free content in return for links to your site.    
Offering a free service or a prize is another way to get links, you can promise a free service or a prize to other sites users. This way the other site can promise his users the service or the raffle in return for a link.
A good way to get links is submit your site to directories. There are a lot of directories which offers free submission.   All thou they are not Dmoz, and google probably don't relay on them for his spider dance;  they can supply you with incoming links.
You can find very good directories here . Some of them have very high PR and that could really help when you are listed in. A simple query in goole, looking for "Add url", "free submitting" and "submit url" will give more results
The hardest way of getting links, all thou sometimes it is the only way, is reciprocal links.     One way for trading links is thru link exchange forums.     Many webmaster are probably in the same situation as you, you can find them there and help each other.
Another way for trading links can be adding the link to the site you are interested trading with and then send a polite mail to the webmaster of the site with a link to the page on your site that links to his.     In the mail you should tell him that you are interested in trading links with him and you already added his link to your site.     If you don't get a response after some time check his sites for links to yours and if you can't find any; you can always delete your link to his site.
Paid Surveys
This page lists most of the biggest survey companies and can teach you how to make or save) a few extra dollars by filling surveys online.You can Earn extra income from home for sure but, You will not learn here how to be a Millionaire, so don't believe sites that promise you otherwise. It is totally free, no need for 30$ , 10$ or your first born! All you have to do is answer an online survey or poll from time to time and get some extra money. the rewards are can be real money,from one dollar to 50 dollars, or other incentives. So, internet market research companies are willing to pay, go and get some extra cash from them !

nfo surveys
NFO - My survey
NFO Reward Points for taking surveys (convert to cash & prizes). Beside the points you earn for answering surveys there is an Extra chance to win every day you login to MySurvey.com. If you are not qualified for a survey, you still have a chance to win in a special raffle or in the daily Giveaway It doesn't take much to get your first check (even less if you win the raffle) and they really pay. I already received some checks.
Press here to join NFO My Survey
gozing surveys
Gozing is another serious survey site. Members are rewarded via PayPal cash or Gift Certificates or Napster music downloads. "No Problem" payments. I received a few payments from them via PayPal.
Press here to join GoZing
Acop - american cunsumer opinion
Acop is One of the biggest survey sites. All registered members participate in a monthly drawing to win $250 in cash awards, just for being a member. If you participate in a survey (a longer questionnaire); you will always receive some type of incentive (a free product to test, cash, a check, or a gift). This is a big advantage because, as you will see, that not every survey company promise incentive for finishing a survey. Most of the companies use cash or prize drawings. Another advantage is "no bullshit" payment. I received checks from them without having to wait until you reach a certain amount and other tricks some company use.
Press here to join Acop
npdor surveys
Completing a survey enters you into a cash or prize drawing. This is not a payment per survey but I believe that the chances of winning are not bad since I won a few times.
Press here to join npdor
Synovate Consumer Opinion Panel
By replying to an e-mail invitation and completing a survey, you earn another entry into that month's sweepstakes drawing. The more surveys you complete, the better your chances to win.
From time to time, you may be asked to participate in longer surveys with an opportunity to earn extra rewards for your participation.
Press here to join Synovate

Paid Surveys at Home
Customers can make $5-$75 per hour just for taking online surveys from home. Not a free program, but could be worth it since they promise that every survey is paid.
opinion surveys
As a member of Opinionsite you are eligible to answer surveys and polls with chances to win from cash prizes. With each survey you complete, you will be entered into a cash prize drawing. The more you participate, the more chances you have of winning! The only problem is that there are not that many surveys.
elab surveys
E lab
Every month eLab holds a random drawing for a $250 cash prize. As a registered panelist, you are eligible for the drawing. Your chance of winning increases as you participate in the experiments and surveys. If you choose to participate in an eLab experiment or survey, you are also eligible for separate drawings for $100 cash prizes.
lightspeed surveys
When you participate in most surveys, you earn Lightspeed Points. Once you earn at least 500 Points, you can redeem them for gift certificates or a prize. You can redeem them for cash only when you earn at least 1,000 Points. With the amount of surveys there are it is not a problem to reach 1000 points. Every time you participate in a mini-poll, Quick Match, or survey, you'll earn another entry into the $5,000 Lightspeed Sweepstakes. You can win a daily entry to the raffle just by login on. "No Problem" payments. I already received a few.
greenfield surveys
with every survey you take comes the chance to win cash and prizes. a lot of surveys give you a real opportunity to win. The screeners are usually long but if you do fit to participate it worth it because the payment is good.
survey sawy
Every time you complete one of the surveys, You will be paid cash for your opinions! The first part of the survey traditionally contains several screening questions. If you pass the screening process, as determined by the client, you will then continue on with the survey and be paid.
Press here to join Survey savvy
spot surveys
Some surveys offer payment; sometimes a sweepstakes or other prize is offered
e val surveys
Joining qualifies participants for a series of quarterly cash drawings with prizes ranging from $10 to $100. In addition, some studies will offer an incentive, such as a free test product, a certificate for an online shopping site or cash.
isay surveys
Each survey gives you the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or merchandise
your2cents surveys
your 2 cents
Each time you qualify and complete a client-sponsored survey, you award an incentive. Incentives range from individual rewards to cash or prize drawings.
fgi surveys
Payments for SmartPanel online surveys range between $5-$10. From time to time, a cash prize drawings is offered instead of individual payments.
You will earn MarketPoints -- the online currency at GlobalTestMarket.com. MarketPoints can be used to purchase new and development-stage products that are being offered by Global test markets clients.

mindfield surveys
Every survey and project offers eligible panelists a chance to receive or win valuable rewards
surveys companies list
Site Submit
Submit Your Site

Building and designing your site to be search engine friendly is only one level of search engine optimization. The next level is making the search engines index it. The general opinion of the Seo professionals is that it is better to be found by the search engines than to submit your site.      
Even if it is true, not everybody have the time and the ability to build a net of links that will bring the spiders to your site.         Therefore, there is always a place for some submitting.
Before you start submitting, be careful of all those promises for free submitting to thousands of search engines and directories.       There are no thousands of search engines, actually there only a few of importance.     If you already did use one of those tools, in the best case no good will come out of it and in the less appealing scenario you are doomed for eternity to be spamed.         Another action to avoid is submitting for a "free for all" links farms.     Search engines usually ignore pages that are made only of links.     This is of course part of the linking strategy but, while submitting you will meet some of those for sure, so remember to avoid them.
The first place to submit is dmoz - the open directory project.       Google gives a more weight to sites that are listed on dmoz.         There is a long waiting period until your site will be reviewed but be careful not to submit it hastily.
Be sure that your site has no broken links or missing graphics, Check and recheck spelling and don't submit a site that is "under-constraction".
Dmoz gives great consideration to the content; your site must contain noteworthy content.     Sites that are made mostly from links will not pass the dmoz editors without good content.       Most important, write an honest description; this is not the place for promotion text.   Make the editor's work easy.       The less editing he will need to do, the higher are the chances for approval.  
Another important place to submit is Yahoo! There are few possibilities:   one of them is to submit your site for the visit of the search engine spiders. It is free but takes a lot of time (7-8 weeks) and nothing is guaranteed. The second is to be listed on yahoo directory. Submitting to yahoo directory will cost you 299$ and again, no guarantee, but you will get result shortly and actually most of the sites do get in.       the other possibilities are pay for performance by keyword and as a sponsor.
LookSmart is another important directory it offers a free submission to a non commercial site thru Zeal, and a cost per click for commercial sites. The major advantage of the CPC method is that, as a LookListings advertiser, you will be charged only after a potential customer clicks on your listings in search results and visits your web site.

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