Why join a competitive affiliate program

The process of finding a niche product is quite simple. However, sometimes it can become frustrating and time consuming. In many cases, much simple strategy can be “joining the herd” by joining a widespread (read competitive) affiliate program.

Successful programs are, of course, more competitive, however, Countless Sites are making money from them hence there is money to be made. Joining a competitive program will require aggressive marketing techniques since you are competing with a larger number of sites. In addition, the competitive niches attract real professionals so, you will have to fight with the big boys for the extra dollar. Nonetheless, there are many advantages to joining the bigger Affiliate Programs:

There are many good programs.

The programs are established so it is easier to research abut them.

These program are successful because they offer a real money making opportunity. People are really buying the products they offer.

Most of these programs are brands. Affiliating with a brand name makes it easy to sell. It would be much easier for your visitor to purchase something from amazon.com than from ReallyCheapStuffatGreatPrices4U.com.

Many of the programs offer good payout. Therefore one sale can be equal to a few other small sales. Credit card or mortgage programs can offer over $50 per sale so even if your site don’t have a massive traffic you can still make real money.

It is easier to focus all you promotion effort on a specific program – since you are competing with many affiliates, you will need to get yourself noticed. One of the basic rules of SEO is to optimize your site for a specific keyword or phrases. If you are trying to promote various programs simultaneously it can be harder to gain a good ranking for any of them. It can be easier to focus on a specific product and optimize your site for it.

There are endless ideas out there (don’t copy) – since many affiliates are selling the ssame product they all need to be noticed. many of them use endless methods to differentiate themselves. As a result, there are endless ideas out there. Remember, you should not copy. However, you can find inspiration in many of those site and you can know what your competitors are doing in order to make yourself different.

Most of these program offer content for your site. – Large affiliate programs are aware that many of their affiliates don’t always have the time to create fresh content. In addition, in many cases the affiliates don’t know enough about the technical aspect of the product. In order to overcome these problems, many programs offer free and many times automatic content for their affilates sites. Again, you should remember that if everyone has the same content than nobody is unique; therefore be creative and use their content but remember to change it in order to be different and be noticed.

You can still find a niche inside the big site – if you join a large and competitive affiliate program you are competing with many other affiliates. Nonetheless, you can still find your niche inside these programs. T-shirts affiliation is one of the most common affiliate programs in the market. However, you can still make yourself unique by choosing a specific kind of shirts and focus on them. One example is vintage rock concert shirts or your own design shirts.

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