How to Choose a niche

So, you saw all the “make $1000 a day”, “make money online” and “earn extra income from home” ads and you decided that you want to join the revolution. Why work when you can become a millionaire without effort, right?

Well, the good news is that there is money to be made online and many people are making it. In fact, some of them are not more talented than you. The bad news is that although it is possible to make money online, it is impossible to earn extra income without an effort.

How to begin: Chose your niche

Choosing a niche is one of the hardest tasks when creating a site. Obviously, you will want to choose a subject for your site that interest many people. On the other hand, if the subject draws many people; many sites probably supply the demand already. Therefore, you will need a niche that is small enough not to be too competitive . Yet, your niche should be big enough to draw a sufficient amount of traffic.

Many self claimed internet gurus promise that they can teach you, in minutes, how to build a niche site even if you don’t have the slightest idea for a niche. One of the famous methods is to write down a certain amount of words from the top of your head and run them down in overture Keyword Selector Tool this tool is an important tool for any affiliate as it list down the number of monthly searches for a specific keyword. In addition, the tool provide an option to drill down on certain search phrases that contain the keyword. For example, lets say that one of the words you chose is “fish” running this word on overture will provide you with a long list that will look something like that:

207414 babel fish
110670 tropical fish
75568 gold fish
67018 saltwater fish
53813 fish tank
51419 big fish game
47692 big fish
39906 star fish
39598 aquarium fish

According to the method you should choose one of the suggested search phrases (star fish, for example) and drill down until you reach a phrase with fewer searches or a money phrase like “buy star fish”.

This method is great for brainstorming and it can help in finding real good niches. However, it is important to remember that you will need to find an Affiliate Programs for this niche. Many marketing gurus will forget to tell you that.

“Buy star fish” is an excellent money phrase and it will provide traffic of people who are in the market for star fish and willing to pay. However, if you are not a pet store and you are not planning to turn your pool into a star fish farm, it would be very hard (although possible) to find an appropriate Affiliate Programs. Therefore, my suggestion is to check the words you choose in some of the affiliate networks sites (cj,clixgalore, gozing…)

First. I believe that this method will help you concentrate on an existing products and programs. Most of the existing affiliate programs are listed in:

goZing Network!

Commission Junction





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How to Choose a niche

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