When I started  the original version of this blog, almost 10 years ago, I did it just for the learning experience. I simply wanted to “make something on the internet”.  While I had decent programming knowledge and experience, most of this knowledge was hard core enterprise related programming. In other words, it was gray and boring while the internet looked so colorful and cool.  
I decided to teach myself the basic skills for creating a website.When I started, I learned that this subject is the ultimate hobby.I found myself spending hours learning, trying and retrying.  

One important decision I took was that this hobby should pay for itself. At the time, I had no extra money and I was very frugal regarding spending money on what I considered to be non-productive leisure activity.  In addition, especially back then, non-experts became easy bates for scam artists or over charging known brands.
Therefore, I decided that my blog will try to monetize from day 1.I had no expectations of getting rich from the blog but I wanted it to at least cover the hosting and the domain registration fees. 

Of course, this is not a huge amount and, in fact, can even be lower than 30$ a year ( detailed explanation on how to do it for less will follow). Nevertheless even to reach this small amount , you will need  to have at least one monetization technic. 
In the coming months, I researched many ways of making money online and tried (too) many of those monetization technics. I learned which methods work, which ones are scams and how much effort is really needed in order to make money online.
One of the most important lessons I learned is that it is very important to find a niche. Finding a niche, will differentiate you from million other sites and will help advertisers to target your specific audience. An even more important lesson was that you really need to write enthusiastically about your topic because readers can smell fake or forced content from a mile. Once I found my own niche I devoted most of my energy to the new website and this site was practically abandoned for few years. 
From time to time I checked that my site is still up but I did notproduce any new content. Nevertheless, I noticed that there is an increase it the site traffic. An additional treat was that I noticed that some of the monetization technics (mostly affiliate links and adsense ads. ) started to create a nice totally passive income.
I am not saying that the site created a fortune but I must admit that few hundred dollars a year for zero effort is really nice passive income.
Another thing that amazed me is how much of the old stuff I wrote is still true. While reading old posts like “adsense alternative”, “must do SEO” or “affiliate marketing” I discovered that not too much has changed. Of course, most of these posts need some updates but, in general, most of the things that were true ten years ago are still true.

So, it looks like it is time for renovation. In the following posts, I will go over the old posts refresh them and upload them to the new site. 
Please take into consideration that some of the links might be an affiliate links (mostly from the old site so they might not work, my apologies)

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