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The process of finding a niche product is quite simple. However, sometimes it can become frustrating and time consuming. In many cases, much simple strategy can be "joining the herd" by joining a widespread (read competitive) affiliate program. This page lists some of the biggest and established affiliate programs on the web. Of course, most of them are extremely competitive. In these programs you will be "fighting with the big boys" nonetheless, these top affiliate programs earned their place in the top by being extremely profitable for their affiliates.

ThinkAction Affiliates Network
THINK ACTION Network (Formerly, the Gozing network) is one of the leading affiliate network for over a decade. They have been around since 1999. Now, with different name but with the same great affiliate program as Part of the Greenfield online network. ThinkAction gives you access to many campaigns. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best program for your site audience. ThinkAction network offer the Ciao campaigns that are easily convertible. They also offer campaigns for many countries and languages (not so common in the affiliates field). In addition they have the Super affiliate program that gives to the option to make many from recruiting other affiliates..
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Survey Savvy Affiliate program
The online surveys industry is giant internet phenomena. Survey companies really pay for taking surveys. Many people are aware of it and they are making some extra dollars online each month. However, much less people know that the survey companies pay referral fees for recruiting new members. This could be a great source of income. All you need to do is build a site that lists online survey companies and recruit new members. Survey Savvy gives you even better opportunity to make money online. With Survey Savvy you can even earn money from your referrals' surveys. Survey Savvy's Referral Program offers you the industry's most effective way to maximize your earnings! The Survey Savvy payment system pays you an average of $2 every time a member you refer completes a survey and an average of $1 every time a member they refer completes a survey. Simple as that, you get paid for your referrals surveys, even better; you are also getting paid for their referral surveys. Considering the fact that survey savvy pays good money for answering surveys, it would be really easy to find new members. In fact, you don't need a website to earn money online. All you need to do is: Join survey savvy as a regular member, log to your account and go to the "My Referrals" page and then choose "refer someone". Send an invitation e-mail to people that you think that are looking for a way to earn some money online. If they will sign you will earn money for each survey they take. Not only that, you will even earn money if they choose to refer someone else. If you have a website, you can link to survey savvy and make money from your website.
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clixGalore - Affiliates network
One of the biggest affiliate networks is Clixgalore. Clixgalore offers thousands of merchants that are willing to pay high fees for good affiliates. over 4500+ affiliate programs are listed on Clixgalore and they will pay you high commissions for displaying advertisements on your website, in newsletters and emails. the clixGalore affiliate network offers many tools that can help beginners and advanced affiliate (super affiliates). Clix galore also offers a great commission for refereeing affiliates for their network. You can earn reoccurring commission simply by recruiting new clixGalore affiliates.
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Cafepress Affiliate Program
The T-shirts business is an extremely lucrative business. T-shirts were one of the first products to be sold on the net and people are willing to pay for them. Starting a t-shirts business requires a little creativity but really not much more than that. You can create t-shirts, mugs or other product using a small joke, your kid drawings, or a good picture you just took. If you don't have any creativity in you, you can always promote someone else's store and earn the referral fee as an affiliate without using an ounce of creativity. The starting cost is zero (ZERO COST). So why not try it? cafepress offers an extremly simple way to start an online business as a shopkeeper or as an affiliate. You will be surprise that people will buy without any effort from your side.

Making BIG money require some additional effort but it is an easy business. Once your store is set (couple of minutes) and you uploaded some designs, you will sell online without any effort from your side. cafepress will take care of the shipping, billing, returns, and everything else. All you have to do is sit and wait for the check. Of course promoting and marketing of your store will help to turn this store from a simple way of making money online to a real business. The advantage of the cafepress affiliate program is the high conversion rates. Once a client is referred from an affiliate site to cafepress, the chances are that he will buy something. The simple fact is that people are willing to pay for T-shirts. In most cases, T-shirt purchase is an impulsive, fast and fun purchase that can easily create a nice profit for the shop keeper or the affiliate.

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