Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction Tips

Have you ever felt that your foreign accent stands in your way to success?

Have you ever felt that you have more skills than the other guy, but people look down on you because you have foreign accent?
Have you ever felt that if only you could loose your foreign accent and gain American accent things will be simpler?
It is impossible to ignore the fact that in America, Success depends greatly upon the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

First impression can determine peopleís opinions of you much faster than your resume. No matter how talented you are, the first minute of your job interview will have a huge impact on the final decision regardless of qualification. Within the first minute (some say 10 seconds) the person in front of you will evaluate you and sometimes make up his mind about you. Appearance is a major factor in this decision; however for non Americans accent, correct English and American pronunciation are equally important.

Unfortunately, in the United States your accent affects your life in many ways. It could be just a nasty look when people think that you came to get their job. Some people assume that a prominent accent means that you can not speak English or simply that you are not smart. A foreign accent makes it easier for employers and landlords to discriminate. Ask an American friend to call a landlord who told you that there are no apartments available, and you will learn what rent discrimination is.

You can avoid these hassles, you can get the promotion you deserve and you can speak English with an American accent. Imagine speaking English completely at ease. Speak English with confidence. Speak clearly and correctly. Learn American pronunciation and speak fluently without fear.

This site will provide you with accent reduction techniques that will help you speak with an American accent. Learning correct English and American pronunciation could be easy, fast, and even fun. In addition you can find available resources on the web, books, and CDís that can help you master